2019 Toyota Sienna SE Premium Specs And Price

2019 Toyota Sienna SE Premium Specs And Price –  In the face of more new competition from Chrysler and a new edition of the Honda Odyssey, the Toyota Sienna continues to be a preferred option, as Toyota’s well-earned history of trustworthiness is a powerful notion for purchasers of a heavy use vehicle like a minivan. There’s also the simple fact that Toyota has strived to hold the Sienna in the search.

2019 Toyota Sienna SE Premium Release Date

2019 Toyota Sienna SE Premium Future

For, that energy will take the kind of a new powertrain. The Sienna’s 3.5-liter V-6 is a familiarized size and setup, but this engine is all-new. Swiped from the Highlander, the V-6 can change involving the typical Otto period and the fuel-sipping Atkinson pattern, and it uses the slot and first fuel injection (sometimes all at once) as essential. Despite the high technical features, it’s nonetheless delighted to drink regular fuel. The new Toyota Sienna SE Premium sets with the 8-10-rate auto that is a worthwhile improve from the past 6-speed. Seven frontward ratios may not make any headlines next to Pacifica’s nine-speed gearbox and the Odyssey’s 9- and 10-pace models, but the Toyota Sienna SE Premium’s transmission is quite skilled at picking the appropriate rate, something that cannot often be explained of the Pacifica.

2019 Toyota Sienna SE Premium Review

2019 Toyota Sienna SE Premium Exterior And Interior

Our Sienna was the Toyota Sienna SE Premium, a purportedly sporty model that comes with its certain adjusting for the suspension and power steering. The final result won’t be wrongly identified as a BMW M5, but the firmer suspensions at the very least wards off the woozy ride motions that minivans typically endure. The SE’s 19-” wheels are covered with 50-series auto tires, so there’s continue to a decent amount of sidewall to support razor-sharp-edged lumps. And when the steering offers no street feel, its high work degrees ensure that stays from getting annoyingly over boosted, another common minivan disorder. At .73 g on the skidpad, the Sienna trailed the last Odyssey (.77 g) and Pacifica (.78 g) we examined. The Toyota’s 184-foot end from 70 mph locations it in between the two. Up front, the car owner appreciates an encouraging seat, but some might discover that, despite the fact that the steering line tilts and telescopes, the controls is somewhat miles away. Toyota, thankfully, preserves a typical gearshift handle, and the Sienna’s analog device bunch is extremely readable.

2019 Toyota Sienna SE Premium Interior

Common on the SE and previously mentioned is a configurable TFT display involving the main gauges showing trip-laptop or computer information, a digital speedometer, or mp3 info, amongst other things. The sharp and clear infotainment monitor in the center of the dash is abetted by volume level and tuning knobs. The weather-management process uses sizeable knobs and a couple of physical switches, rendering it simple to use. Our SE possessed a useful, all-black interior with white colored distinction stitches and parts of carbon-fiber-appearance toned supplying some not very good race touches. Nor could we endorse the SE’s unique bodywork, which is made up of lower side dresses and top and rear fascias that offer merely to turn this big pack appears even larger. Toyota, though, needs to be enamored of it, because it’s creating the SE’s part sills average on all models for.

2019 Toyota Sienna SE Premium Engine

With the new powertrain, the Toyota Sienna SE Premium is perfect for an EPA-rated 19 mpg city and 27 miles per gallon road with front-tire drive, as on our test illustration (all-wheel drive reduces the capital amount by 1 miles per gallon and knocks three away from the highway body). All those stats set the FWD Sienna about on par with Pacifica’s 19/28 city/freeway EPA reviews, and it ties the sociable Odyssey. Our observed miles was 20 mpg; we have seen 20 and 22 mpg in two recent checks of the Chrysler and 22 miles per gallon with the old and quickly-to-be-exchanged-Honda provided with a half a dozen rate auto. The Toyota’s new ticker draws out a robust 296 ponies, 30 more than well before, as well as 263 lb-ft of torque, up from 245. That horsepower shape is shirts amongst minivans, and this type of Sienna is the quickest we have tested, shooting from absolutely no to 60 miles per hour in 6.8 mere seconds. And ought to mother or father be emboldened to consider the family minivan to the pull strip, they could be confident in its ability to outrun any Pacifica or pre- Odyssey that shows up, based upon our quarter-mile effects of 15.5 mere seconds at 93 mph. In each day traveling, the Sienna does respond with alacrity. Gun it on a freeway entry ways ramp, and the Sienna lunges forwards, to the point of even inciting a tad of torque guide in-front-drive models like our test car. (We also have analyzed the Sienna with all of the tire drive, a feature the competition doesn’t offer you.)

2019 Toyota Sienna SE Premium Redesign

2019 Toyota Sienna SE Premium Price And Release Date

As constantly, the smart purchaser has choices. Pick a sub-$40,000 Sienna this kind of as the SE to experience Toyota’s effectively-received good reputation for protection and endurance without the Limited Premium’s excessive sticker. Go with the Honda Odyssey or the new Chrysler Pacifica. Or hang on a month or two to view what Toyota’s U.S.-based design, technology, and developing team has contrived for the redesigned Sienna. Let’s believe it’s a top trip minivan deserving of sincere admiration.

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